The Musandam is home to a series of spectacular dive sites, which offer opportunities for both first-time and more experienced divers.

With visibility of up to 30m, and a water temperature ranging between 21-30ºC, the Peninsula offers excellent year-round diving conditions, while its plankton rich waters attract over 900 species of fish - from cleaner wrasse and nudibranchs to whale sharks and the elusive mola mola – along with an impressive number of pelagic species, including manta rays and eagle rays.

Whether you want to learn to scuba dive, or are an experienced diver looking to explore the Musandam’s abundance of underwater treasures, we have a highly qualified, friendly team of instructors waiting to take you diving.

Our guides and instructors are specialists in teaching, photography, macro viewing and extreme current diving. They are, as Tina Turner put it, “simply the best”!